description My work is basically formal and informal-abstract and the visual language draws on modernist aesthetics. I apply photography, painting and installation to focus on light and space both of which are essential factors in my work, as well as is observing and exploring. A non medium-specific working practice emphasises particularly alteration and vicissitude.

Currently, I am working with natural resin as this allows me to experiment and it provides me with new challenges in the use of traditional painting materials. The refracting surface and bare canvas imply the core entities of space and light, playing on illusion and ambiguity. Clear lines echo architecture but the thick resin has a more sensual effect.

about Thought processes are of interest to me. I find it useful to challenge fixed meaning, to re-think workflow or other subjects in order to adapt to change. Solving problems helps me to develop new ideas and interdisciplinary practice.

Cognitive science, for example, is a field that I find absorbing - not only because it is concerned with the process of thought but also because it works in a multidisciplinary manner and relies on a variety of rather diverse fields, ranging from biology, philosophy, computer science and psychology. This interdependent and mutually beneficial communication opens the door to extensive and ground-breaking research. Cognitive research involves concepts such as desire, belief, intention, preference and knowledge, all of which are at the basis of daily life. To me, it appears that architecture is the manifestation of these concepts in space. As such it manifests a transition from thought to something discernible.